Student at Barnsbury Comp.

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London, England

Ayesha is Matt Wood's girlfriend. She knows of Talia, though she is not personally a Stravagante, and has no interest in even testing stravagation after what she heard Alice Greaves say of it[1]. She is also a close friend of Isabel Evans and Laura Reid.


Ayesha is described as a beautiful and intelligent young woman, which unintentionally undermines the confidence of some of her friends, including Matt and Isabel. For Matt, his dyslexia and knowing that Ayesha previously dated Jago Jones, the top English student in their year, adds to his own insecurities. She is currently studying to become a lawyer.

During City of Secrets, Ayesha becomes suspicious of how distant Matt is becoming after he begins his secret life as a Stravagante. In addition to his sudden friendships with Georgia O'Grady, Sky Meadows, and Nick Duke, the sudden illness that falls on her ex-boyfriend Jago Jones, with whom she maintains a friendly relationship, drives a wedge between Ayesha and Matt. However, unlike Alice, she is supportive of Matt's activities as a Stravagante after she learns the reason why he has been distant from her lately.

In City of Ships, she is revealed to be one of Isabel and Laura's best friends. Ayesha encourages Matt to return to Padavia when Isabel stravagates there for the first time in order to make sure that Isabel is safe and helps cover Isabel's absences around Laura, who is unaware of Isabel's stravagations. She similarly covers for Matt's absences during his stravagations during City of Swords, and worries about Laura, especially when her self-harming is revealed after she hurts herself badly enough to be hospitalized. However, Ayesha is also notably occupied with studying for exams and is unable to do very much to help her friends as they go through their Talian adventures.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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