Lady-in-waiting to the Duchessa of Bellezza
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Barbara is the lady-in-waiting and confidante to Arianna Rossi, the Duchessa of Bellezza. She is married to Marco, a footman at the Ducal Palazzo.[3]


Barbara initially appears in City of Masks as one of the youngest and newest maids of Silvia Bellini, Arianna's predecessor as the Duchessa of Bellezza. She is portrayed as cheerful and enthusiastic in contrast to Silvia, who has grown considerably weary in her role as the city's ruler. After Arianna is elected as the new Duchessa, Arianna chooses to retain all the current staff at the Ducal Palazzo. When she notices Barbara, the maid closest to her in age, Arianna assigns Barbara to become her personal maid. She is described as pretty, with brown eyes, and soon becomes very close to Arianna as a friend and confidante.

Barbara's role in the City of Stars is relatively minor, often managing Arianna's personal effects and accompanying the young Duchessa as part of her entourage in Remora during the Stellata. She plays a more considerable role in City of Flowers when Arianna persuades Barbara to act as her double during the di Chimici weddings in Giglia. The act nearly results in Barbara's death when an unknown assassin attacks Barbara, believing her to be the Duchessa, leaving a grievous wound on Barbara's chest. In gratitude for Barbara's courage and loyalty, as well as guilt for endangering her friend, Arianna promises to provide Barbara's dowry and wedding dress for her wedding. Barbara reveals that she is engaged to marry Marco, a footman in the palace, and both intend to stay in the Duchessa's service.

In City of Secrets, Arianna convinces Barbara to impersonate her on a regular basis[3] while the Duchessa visits her sweetheart in Padavia. Unable to refuse her mistress, Barbara arranges for her fiancé Marco to accompany Arianna to Padavia. When the Regent and his wife learn of Barbara's impersonation, they are supportive rather than angry and aid the maid to become a more convincing double, since they realize they will be unable to stop Arianna from sneaking away again. Barbara and Marco marry at the end of City of Secrets at a wedding attended by the Manoush rescued from Padavia, with the Duchessa presenting the couple with one of her African kittens as a wedding present.

Barbara continues to serve the Duchessa in City of Ships, including several impersonations of her mistress, most notably when Arianna insists on joining the naval Battle of Classe.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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  2. Based on her age in City of Flowers; she is older than Arianna by one year.
    "How old are you, Barbara?"
    "I am eighteen, your Grace - very late to marry, I know," said Barbara. "But we have been saving."
    "You're less than a year older than I am," said Arianna. (City of Flowers)
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