Barnsbury Comprehensive, usually simply known as Barnsbury Comp., is a school attended by all the current Stravaganti from England. It is located in the district of Islington, in London, England.

It was built on part of William Dethridge's old lab, which could explain why it is the students of Barnsbury Comp. who tend Stravagate to Talia rather than anyone else[1]. It is named after the old village of Barnsbury which is now part of London.


Students Currently AttendingEdit

Former StudentsEdit


  • Jan Wood, head of the English Department
  • Mr. Lovegrove, fencing coach; with Nick Duke, they gotten the school's fencing team almost up to national level competition from training the rest of the team between the two of them.[3]
  • Ms. Hellings, art teacher[5]

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  • To see more about Barnsbury see here
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