Bellona is a di Chimici principality, and is ruled by Prince Jacopo the Younger. His son, Filippo di Chimici, will be the future Prince of Bellona[1].

The city is the Talian equivalent of Bologna, and is known as the "City of Dreams" and also "Bellona the Fat"[2]. The city of Bellona is largely arcaded[2] and contains many tall towers. The University of Bellona is the oldest university in Talia[1].


Bellona is known for its scientific industries, particularly alchemy; in Talia, what is perceived as magic is considered science. The Bellona Stone is known throughout Talia as a powerful alchemical device. Other industries are food and drink, the interpretation of dreams, the production of Corteo cards, and predicting the future.[2]

Bellona is home to the famous alchemist, Federico Bruno. In 1552, Bruno's laboratory was the site where Elizabethan scientist William Dethridge arrived during his accidental first stravagation to Talia[3]; Dr. Dethridge gradually gathered a number of trustworthy students and followers to found a new secret order based on his discovery of interworld traveling. The Bellona branch of the Order of the Stravaganti is known to be particularly strong[4].

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  • For information on Bologna see here
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    "You are right," said Rodolfo, suddenly decisive. "I am sure he is not in Bellona. There is a strong cell of our brotherhood there and news would have reached me. It is vital we find him. He can help us against the Chimici.".

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