Benedetta di Chimici
Formal Title
Duchessa Benedetta di Chimici
Former Duchessa of Giglia

Place of Death
Current Residence
Niccolo di Chimici, husband
Grand Duke Fabrizio di Chimici, son
Carlo di Chimici, son (deceased)
Beatrice Nucci, daughter
Caterina di Chimici, daughter (died young)
Gaetano di Chimici, son
Falco di Chimici, son ("deceased")

Benedetta di Chimici is the late of wife of Niccolo di Chimici, making her the late Duchessa of Giglia. She had six children; Fabrizio, Carlo, Beatrice, Caterina, Gaetano and Falco.

She had gotten along well with Graziella Nucci, despite that the di Chimici and Nucci families had a long feud between them, and the two women allowed their children to play with one another.[1] Benedetta passed away from a fever about a year before the "death" of her youngest son. Her death still affects Niccolo privately and he has carried a small portrait of her on his person, though he decides to bury the portrait with his youngest son when Falco dies[2].

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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