Caterina di Chimici
Duchessa of Giglia, Grand Duchessa of Tuschia
Year of Birth
Place of Birth

Current Residence
Duke Fabrizio (deceased) and Isabella di Chimici[3], parents
Alfonso di Chimici, elder brother
Rinaldo di Chimici, elder brother
Grand Duke Fabrizio di Chimici, husband and cousin
Falco Niccolo Carlo di Chimici, son

Caterina di Chimici is the wife of Fabrizio di Chimici, therefore, the Grand Duchessa of Tuschia and Duchessa of Giglia[4]. She is the mother of Falco Niccolo Carlo di Chimici, who she gave the nickname "Bino".


Caterina's father was the late Duke of Volana, Fabrizio of Volana, who died when she was 20-years-old[3]. Her eldest brother, Alfonso, inherited the title and is the current Duke of Volana while her brother Rinaldo recently became a Cardinal in the Reman Church.[3]

Caterina is first mentioned in City of Stars, described as pretty with golden-hair and blue eyes, as well being a childhood sweetheart of Fabrizio. As such, both willingly consent to Duke Niccolo's intention to have them marry and they become a loving couple. She is generally sweet-mannered and gentle, and is one of the few people who can easily calm Fabrizio down from one of his fits of rage. She loves her family greatly and particularly admires her uncle, Pope Lenient VI, and knows him to be a kind man[5].

As the bride to Fabrizio, the heir to the head of the family, Caterina's family is pleased with her advancement within the di Chimici. In the celebrations before the di Chimici weddings in Giglia, Caterina is crowned the queen of the tournament and disposed to award prizes to the winners, even if the winner happens to be a member of the Nucci family. In the aftermath of the massacre at the Church of Annunciation, she and the other brides are taken into the protection of the Pope and her brothers, both who have managed to avoid getting hurt. Caterina's husband manages to survive, though is badly injured.

In City of Secrets, Caterina is pregnant with her first child, a little prince who is born at the end of the novel and named Falco Niccolo Carlo di Chimici, after Fabrizio's two deceased brothers and his late father. In City of Ships, she expresses concern that Fabrizio may become as fanatical as his father and hopes that her loving care and their child, whom she has nicknamed "Bino", will be able to temper Fabrizio's ambitions. She is close to Beatrice, her sister-in-law, and distraught when Beatrice runs away, becoming withdrawn from her husband, whom she blames for driving off his sister, and frequently calling for Francesca to keep her company.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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