Cesare Montalbano[1]
Jockey for the Twelfth of the Ram, student at the University of Padavia


Current Residence
Paolo Montalbani, father
Mother, deceased
Teresa, stepmother
Emilia, Marta, and Stella, younger half-sisters
Antonio and Arsenio, younger twin half-brothers

Cesare Montalbano is the modest son of Horsemaster of the Ram, and he lives in Remora. He becomes Georgia O'Grady's guide in Remora and is an accomplished rider. In Remora, he and Dr. Dethridge begin teaching Luciano how to ride a horse.


With the approach of the Stellata, Cesare witnesses the birth of Merla, a flying horse in his family's stables. He and his father consider the event a omen of good luck for the Ram, which has not won a Stellata in over twenty years. The Ram's selection of Cesare as their jockey is also regarded as good luck, since Cesare is the son of the rider who won the Stellata previously for the Ram.

When Cesare is kidnapped by Enrico Poggi for the di Chimici, he is replaced by Georgia. Rescued by Luciano on the day of the race, Cesare flies to Remora on Merla and arrives at the racetrack just as Georgia wins the race. He ties a scarf of the Ram's colours on a high post and rallies the Twelfth of the Ram into a cheer.[4] In the epilogue of City of Stars, he is able to fulfill his dream of being the jockey for the Ram in a special Stellata race for Falco di Chimici.

Cesare makes a minor appearance in City of Flowers, informing Georgia that Merla is capable of flying to Giglia and much further if she needs to.

In City of Secrets, Cesare joins Luciano as a student at university in Padavia, financed by the silver Georgia left to him when she won the Stellata. They attend riding and fencing classes together and Cesare becomes aware of Arianna Rossi's visits to Padavia as "Adamo". When Enrico forces his services upon them, both Cesare and Luciano are wary of accepting him, considering that he was responsible for kidnapping them both on separate occasions, and they subject him to the water pump. Cesare subsequently befriends Matt Wood and aids in the evacuation of Manoush to Bellezza when Padavia's anti-occult laws causes the city to burn.

Cesare remains a student in Padavia during City of Ships, where he meets Isabel Evans, and during City of Swords, where he helps Matt locate Luciano with news on Laura's recent circumstances. He later attends the wedding of Luciano and Arianna as one of Luciano's groomsmen.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  1. Clarified here
    Mary Hoffman: Their surname is Montalbano but in the plural they are referred to as "the Montalbani".
  2. Cesare is 16 in City of Stars, the same age as Luciano
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