Charlie Evans
Charlie evans
Carlo, Carolus[1]
Student at Barnsbury Comp.

nearly 17

Current Residence
London, England
Tony Evans, father
Sarah Evans, mother
Isabel Evans, twin sister
English/Talian City

Charlie Evans is the twin brother of Isabel Evans. Though he cares about Isabel and her well-being, he is unaware of how he makes her feel inferior. He visits Talia briefly[2].


As Isabel's older twin brother, Charlie Evans is confident, popular, and excels in nearly everything he does and is known as the ace of the swimming team. As a result, Isabel is jealous of him, but finds she finds cannot dislike him because he is genuinely nice and cares for her well-being. Instead, Isabel takes care in not drawing attention to herself to avoid being compared to Charlie and focuses on art, the only thing she is good at and Charlie has no interest in.

Throughout the novel, Charlie becomes increasingly suspicious of Isabel's growing confidence and her sudden new-found friendships with Sky Meadows, Georgia O'Grady, Nick Duke, and Matt Wood. Worried that Isabel is involved in something dangerous, he is advised by Sky's ex-girlfriend Alice Greaves to take away a possession that Isabel is unusually attached to. Charlie successfully takes away Isabel's bag of silver tesserae, unaware that it is her talisman to travel to Talia. He falls asleep holding on to the bag and accidentally stravagates to Classe. After Filippo Nucci finds him, he is brought to Flavia, who attempts to send Charlie back before any damage to the gateway between the two worlds occur. Unexpectedly, Isabel manages to find a mosaic tile that had fallen from the bag and used it as a talisman to stravagate and rescue Charlie. When she arrives in Classe, she tries to stravagate back to London to see if Flavia managed to send Charlie back.

However, the instability of the gateway resulting from Charlie's accidental stravagation sends the twins to Elizabethan England, the time that Dr. Dethridge originally came from. Charlie is arrested, forcing Isabel to think of a plan to help him escape during an earthquake. The pair are knocked out, but manage to regain consciousness in London during their time. Charlie, witnessing how confident and brave Isabel has become through her stravagations, expresses true praise for her previously hidden abilities; having impressed Charlie, Isabel no longer resents her brother and their relationship improves dramatically. Though Charlie has stravagated to Talia, he expresses no desire to try again and supports her in London when her stravagates.

Charlie reappears in City of Swords, where he develops an attraction to Isabel's friend Laura Reid when she begins to stay at the Evans' house under the pretense of studying for final exams so Laura can stravagate without her parents becoming suspicious and worried about Laura possessing her paperknife talisman. However, after meeting Ludo Vivoide in Talia, Laura's interest in Charlie has waned, even after she learns that Charlie knows about Talia and he has accurately guessed that she believes she is in a doomed relationship because Ludo, the person she has fallen in love with, is from a different world.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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    "Carolus, son of Antonius" in Elizabethan England
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