Chay Sykes

Student at Barnsbury Comp.


Current Residence
Islington, London, England

Chay Sykes is Matt Wood's best friend[1].


Chay and Matt have been friends since their days in junior school, often going to the gym together, and Matt has found that he can tell Chay almost anything, except the unexpected development that he has become a Stravagante. As a result of Chay's lack of knowledge of Talia and stravagation, Matt begins to find his time with Chay to be especially refreshing and a reminder of all the regular things in his life.

Though Chay does not intend to, his comments that Matt and Ayesha seem to be having trouble in their relationship decreases Matt's self-esteem and contribute to Matt's increasing belief that he is inadequate as a result of his dyslexia and a poor match for the intelligent Ayesha. Despite this, Chay tries to reassure Matt that Ayesha, despite previously dating Jago Jones, evidently prefers Matt or she would have gotten back together with Jago rather than beginning a relationship with Matt.

As Matt is distracted by his adventures in Padavia, Chay winds up pointing out situations in England that Matt has not realized, such as Jago being hospitalized as result of the Jettatura ("Evil Eye") spell that Matt accidentally has cast on his rival. They visit the hospital together, with Chay being worried about Matt's inexplicable distress towards Jago's condition, despite clearly stating to Chay that Matt had done Jago during an earlier confrontation but look at him.

When Jago is cured, Chay is cheered by how Matt seems to be doing better emotionally and reassures Matt that he never suspected Matt had anything to do with Jago's condition.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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