City of Flowers
City of Flowers
City of Flowers
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3 October 2006
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Talian Setting
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City of Flowers is the third book in the Stravaganza series by Mary Hoffman. The corresponding short story is An Impossible Task.

Perfumes, poisons, swordfights, weddings, jewels and a duel, not to mention several overlapping love stories -- that is City of Flowers. Oh, and fathers. It is a book very much about fathers.

Mary Hoffman[1]


The latest story in the Stravaganza series unravels amid ever-more-dangerous politics and intrigue. Sky, a new Stravagante, is whisked away from his dreary life in London to Giglia, the Talian version of Florence. Featuring favorite characters from the first two titles in the series, including Georgia and Falco, as well as a host of exciting new characters, this breathtaking adventure will not disappoint.

But beware-in the beautiful City of Flowers, much that seems beautiful is in fact poisonous...


  • Prologue: Walking the Maze
  • 1. A Blue Glass Bottle
  • 2. The Hounds of God
  • 3. Brothers
  • 4. Secrets
  • 5. Marble for a Duchess
  • 6. Wedding Dresses
  • 7. Deadly Nightshade
  • 8. Two Households, Both Alike in Dignity
  • 9. Angels
  • 10. A Man's Job
  • 11. Daggers Drawn
  • 12. The Scent of Pines
  • 13. Talismans
  • 14. Pictures in the Walls
  • 15. Visitors
  • 16. Mapping the City
  • 17. My Enemy's Enemy is My Friend
  • 18. Flight
  • 19. Flowers of the City
  • 20. The River Rises
  • 21. The di Chimici Weddings
  • 22. Blood on Silver
  • 23. Drowned City
  • 24. God's Puppy
  • 25. Exile
  • 26. Corridor of Power
  • 27. A Duel
  • Epilogue: One More Wedding
  • A Note on the di Chimici and the Medici
  • di Chimici family tree
  • Dramatis Personae



Di ChimiciEdit

  • Niccolo di Chimici, Duke of Giglia
  • Fabrizio, Niccolo’s eldest son
  • Carlo, Niccolo’s second son
  • Gaetano, Niccolo’s third son
  • Beatrice, Niccolo’s daughter
  • Ferdinando, Pope Lenient VI, Prince of Remora
  • Rinaldo, the Pope’s chaplain and nephew, formerly Reman Ambassador to Bellezza
  • Alfonso, Duke of Volana, Rinaldo’s older brother
  • Caterina of Volana, Rinaldo’s younger sister, engaged to be married to Prince Fabrizio
  • Isabella, dowager Duchess of Volana, their mother
  • Jacopo the Elder, Prince of Fortezza
  • Carolina, the wife of Jacopo the Elder
  • Lucia, Jacopo's older daughter, engaged to be married to Prince Carlo
  • Bianca, Jacopo's younger daughter, engaged to be married to Duke Alfonso of Volana
  • Francesca of Bellona, engaged to be married to Prince Gaetano


  • Matteo Nucci, a rich wool merchant
  • Graziella, Matteo's wife
  • Camillo, their eldest son
  • Filippo, their second son
  • Davide, their youngest son
  • Anna and Lidia, their daughters

Other Characters in TaliaEdit

Other Characters in EnglandEdit

  • Rosalind Meadows, Sky’s mother, an aromatherapist
  • Rainbow Warrior (Colin Peck), Sky’s father
  • Gus Robinson, his agent
  • Loretta, his fourth wife
  • Gloria Peck, his mother
  • Joyce Meadows, Rosalind’s mother
  • Remedy, Sky’s cat
  • Alice Greaves, Georgia’s best friend
  • Paul Greaves, her father
  • Jane Scott, Alice’s mother, ex-wife of Paul Greaves
  • Laura, Rosalind’s best friend, a House of Commons PA
  • Vicky Mulholland, Nicholas’s foster-mother, a violin teacher
  • David Mulholland, Nicholas’s foster-father, a salvage contractor

Cover GalleryEdit

  • Original cover
  • Newer cover
  • Variant of the original cover
  • City of Flowers, French cover
  • City of Flowers, Thai cover
  • City of Flowers, Ukrainian cover
  • City of Flowers, German cover
  • City of Flowers, Slovenian cover
  • City of Flowers, Italian cover
  • City of Flowers, Portuguese cover
  • City of Flowers, Israeli cover
  • City of Flowers, Chinese cover

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Notes and ReferencesEdit

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