Di Chimici family tree

Di Chimici family tree as of 1580

The Di Chimici are an old, rich family in Talia.

The head of the family has the title of Grand Duke of Tuschia, as well as Duke of Giglia. They rule over six of the twelve city-states of Talia. They are enemies of the Stravaganti.


The di Chimici originally descended from chemists (thus their name di Chimici - of the chemists) and specialized in making perfumes and medicinal extracts from the many flower fields surrounding Giglia. As they grew in wealth and power, their trade gradually moved from distilling plants to banking.

The di Chimici eventually emerged as one of the most powerful families in Giglia and eventually proclaimed themselves the ruler of the city, installing the head of the family as the first Duke of Giglia. They gained numerous rivals from other powerful noble families, most notably the Nucci family, a family of bankers whose humble origins began in raising sheep and selling wool.

The family's political control eventually spread to six of the twelve city-states in Talia and their influence has included placing a member of the di Chimici family as Pope Lenient VI, the head of the Reman Church. Many of members of the family have been given courtesy titles of Principe (prince) and Principessa (princess), though most eventually gained actual titles with power. The growing power of the di Chimici has been perceived as a threat to independent city-states like Bellezza and Classe, which have vehemently resisted di Chimici rule. To consolidate the power of the family, Niccolo di Chimici, the Duke of Giglia, eventually established himself the first Grand Duke of Tuschia, as ruler over the di Chimici controlled city-states.

Di Chimici City-StatesEdit

City-State Ruler
Ferdinando di Chimici, Pope Lenient VI
Prince Gaetano di Chimici[1]
Niccolo di Chimici, Grand Duke of Tuschia
Fabrizio II of Giglia, Grand Duke of Tuschia[2]
Prince Jacopo the Elder
Princess Lucia di Chimici[1]
Duke Alfonso di Chimici
Prince Jacopo the Younger
Prince Ferdinando di Chimici

Family MembersEdit

Current Family MembersEdit

Deceased Family MembersEdit

Disowned Family MembersEdit

Comparison to the de' MediciEdit

The di Chimici were inspired by the de' Medici, whose history is partly reflected in City of Flowers.[8] However, a number of historical events relating the two groups are not entirely analogous, such as the date when the Medici made the equivalent move to unify themselves as the di Chimici do in City of Flowers. The name Medici is plural form of medico, the Italian word for "medical doctor", creating an analogy to the di Chimici's origins as chemists.[9]

Gaetano di Chimici's charm, cleverness, and ugliness were inspired by Lorenzo de Medici (known also as Lorenzo the Magnificent), though Lorenzo lived much earlier than Gaetano.[10]

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  • The list of family members is compiled from the di Chimici family tree
  • The di Chimici family tree can be found in the back of every Stravaganza book and on A Guide to Talia
  • The di Chimici tend to use family names, so multiple members of the di Chimici family tend to share the same name, such as Ferdinando di Chimici, Fabrizio di Chimici and Falco di Chimici
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