Fabio della Spada


Current Residence
Unnamed wife (deceased)[1]
English/Talian City
Islington, London, England

Fabio della Spada is a swordsmith[1] from Fortezza, and is a Stravagante[2]. He becomes the mentor of Laura, the young Stravagante from London who travels to Fortezza in City of Swords.


In City of Swords, Fabio suspects that Fortezza will be going through dark times as Prince Jacopo is dying of illness. Fearing the worst, he decides that it is time to invite an outsider to Fortezza and sells a small sword to Mortimer Goldsmith, in hopes that the sword will become the talisman for a suitable recipient.

Just as Laura arrives in Fortezza, Prince Jacopo dies. When a succession struggle results between forces supporting Jacopo's legitimate elder daughter, Lucia, and his previously unknown illegitimate son, Ludo Vivoide, Fabio becomes preoccupied with forging more weapons and working with Rodolfo Rossi, Luciano Crinamorte, and Laura in coordinating efforts to communicate with the di Chimici army and Princess Lucia, who is trapped in the Rocca di Chimici. Though he notices the attraction between Laura and Ludo, Fabio is unaware of the extent of their developing relationship and Laura's secret meetings with Ludo. As a result of the chaotic events in Fortezza, Fabio is unable to fully supervise Laura's training as a Stravagante and warn of her of various dangers and risk of traveling between worlds.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  • In A Guide to Talia, Fabio was initially listed as a "soldier".
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