Fabrizio II di Chimici
Formal Title
Grand Duke Fabrizio di Chimici
Duke Fabrizio II di Chimici of Giglia
Grand Duke of Tuschia, Duke of Giglia
Year of Birth
Place of Birth

Current Residence

Niccolo di Chimici and Benedetta[3], parents
Carlo di Chimici, younger brother (deceased)
Beatrice Nucci, younger sister (disowned[4])
Caterina di Chimici, younger sister (died young[3])
Gaetano di Chimici, younger brother
Falco di Chimici, younger brother ("deceased"[5])
Caterina of Volana, wife and cousin
Falco Niccolo Carlo di Chimici, son

Fabrizio di Chimici is the eldest son of Niccolo di Chimici and the heir to all of Niccolo's political titles. Upon Niccolo's death, Fabrizio became Duke Fabrizio II of Giglia, as well as Grand Duke Fabrizio of Tuschia.[6] Fabrizio is married to Caterina di Chimici and the father of Falco Niccolo Carlo di Chimici.[7] He is the primary antagonist of City of Secrets, City of Ships, and City of Swords; while he lacks his father's worldly experience and diplomatic adeptness, Fabrizio does not appear to be any less ambitious or dangerous.


Fabrizio first appears in City of Stars in a mostly minor role as Gaetano and Falco's eldest brother. When Niccolo becomes preoccupied with Falco's deteriorating condition, Fabrizio becomes his father's representative for Giglia during the events of Stellata in Remora. His role is expanded in City of Flowers, where he marries his cousin Caterina of Volana. During the blessing ceremony at the Church of Annunciation, Fabrizio is quick to avenge the death of his brother Carlo when he is slain by Camillo Nucci. Though Fabrizio and Gaetano are badly injured after the massacre, they both recover.

With the death of his father, Fabrizio is the nominal head of the di Chimici family and has inherited his father's grudge against the Stravaganti. In particular, Fabrizio hopes destroy Luciano Crinamorte, the young Bellezzan cavaliere Fabrizio holds responsible for the death of his father, in spite of his brother Gaetano's attempt to reason with him that Niccolo had actually brought his own death upon himself[7]. His determination to succeed his father's will to unite all the city-states in Talia under di Chimici rule has increasingly destablized him, leaving the influence of his wife and infant son as the few presences that can immediately calm him when he flies into a rage.

However, Fabrizio is bitterly disappointed that his only surviving brother, Gaetano, and his only sister, Beatrice, both do not share his desire for vengeance. His plans to crush the Bellezzans and the Stravaganti, including the creation of anti-occult laws and an alliance with the Gate People, have failed so far and have been perceived as reckless and poorly executed. His later attempts to strengthen family ties by trying to marry off first his sister Beatrice, then his widowed cousin Lucia to secure the throne of Fortezza for the di Chimici, to Filippo of Bellona further illustrate Fabrizio's political inexperience and tactlessness when both Beatrice and Lucia reject Filippo in favour of husbands of their own choosing.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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