Fabrizio di Chimici
Formal Title
Duke Fabrizio I di Chimici of Giglia

Year of Birth
Place of Birth
Year of Death

Alfonso di Chimici, father
Semiramide, mother
Niccolo di Chimici, grandson
Carlo of Fortezza, younger brother

Fabrizio di Chimici, born in 1425, was the first Duke of Giglia from the di Chimici family. With his wife, Caterina, he had four sons: Alfonso, Ferrando, Carlo and Ferdinando. He died in 1485. He is the grandfather of Niccolo di Chimici, the Duke of Giglia.[1]

As the eldest son of Alfonso di Chimici, the progenitor of the di Chimici family, and Semiramide, Fabrizio and his father secured the family's perfume distillery business and its wealth through banking. Though his father's success would have assured him the position as the first Duke of Giglia, Alfonso had allowed Fabrizio to assume leadership of the family and style himself the first Duke of Giglia.

Following Alfonso's death in 1459, Fabrizio became the formal head of the family and Alfonso's wealth was divided between his two surviving sons. When Fabrizio's younger brother Carlo expressed the desire to make his own name and fortune in Fortezza, Fabrizio allowed his brother to leave and found the Fortezzan branch of the family[2].

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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