Ferdinando di Chimici
Formal Title
Pope Lenient VI, Prince of Remora
Pope Lenient VI
Head of the Reman Church
Prince of Remora
Year of Birth
approx. 53[2]
Year of Death

Niccolo[1], older brother (deceased)
Fabrizio of Volana, younger brother (deceased)
Jacopo the Younger, younger brother
Rinaldo di Chimici, nephew and chaplain
Fabrizio II di Chimici, nephew

Ferdinando di Chimici, Pope Lenient VI, is the younger brother of Niccolo di Chimici, the Duke of Giglia. In addition to being the head of the Reman Church[4], he is the Prince of Remora.


Ferdinando, lacking his brother's ambition, is easily influenced by Niccolo and weaker willed[5]. While described as having an impressive figure (though shorter than Niccolo) during the events of City of Stars, he grows increasingly corpulent as the series progresses. Ferdinando enjoys the comforts provided to him as pope, such as lavish feasts and a life of ease, though he tries to take his religious duties as pope seriously, such as not immediately granting his nephew Rinaldo's request for an annulment for Francesca of Bellona out of the sanctity of marriage, which Rinaldo had not taken seriously. While somewhat indulgent, he is not a bad man and cares for his family. In addition, he recognizes a number of the di Chimici's enemies as good people, such as Rodolfo Rossi and Guido Parola, and is unwilling to persecute them.

While Ferdinando is usually subservient to his brother's wishes, he openly defies Niccolo only once; after the Massacre at the Church of Annunciation, the pope refuses to allow Niccolo to slaughter the remaining members of the Nucci family and to allow Matteo and Graziella Nucci to recover their only surviving son, Filippo. He briefly leads the family following Niccolo's death, though he returns to his duties as the pope in Remora after his nephew Fabrizio is established as the new head of the family.

Following the events of City of Flowers, Ferdinando becomes one of the few forces with sufficient influence to overrule the Grand Duke of Tuschia as he is the Pope. However, Ferdinando's lax attitude towards Fabrizio's desire to crush the Stravaganti becomes apparent to the more receptive Rinado, who serves as a Cardinal in the Church. When Ferdinando uses his power as the Pope to prevent Fabrizio from exercising his rage at losing his chance to kill both Luciano Crinamorte and Enrico Poggi for the death of Niccolo by brutally executing the rebel army in Fortezza, Fabrizio is forced to comply to the Pope's orders. When Ferdinando dies, apparently of apoplexy, soon after Fabrizio orders Rinaldo to return to Remora, it is implied that Rinaldo likely arranged for the Pope's death in order to remove him as a future obstacle to Fabrizio's plans. Gaetano succeeds Ferdinando as the Prince of Remora while Rinaldo becomes the next pope[3].

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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