Ferdinando di Chimici
City of Stars (mentioned)
City of Swords (mentioned)
Formal Title
Prince Ferdinando di Chimici of Moresco
Prince of Moresco
Year of Birth

Current Residence
Ferrando di Chimici, son and heir
Bianca di Chimici, daughter
Francesca of Fortezza, wife

Ferdinando di Chimici is Prince of Moresco[1]. He has the same given name as his cousin, Pope Lenient VI.

Ferdinando is the second son of Carlo of Bellona, the second brother of Alfonso of Giglia. When his uncle, Ferdinando of Moresco died without marrying and without issue, he inherited his uncle's title as the Prince of Moresco. Ferdinando later married his second cousin, Francesca of Fortezza (born 1497)[1].

An old man who is part of the more distant branches of the di Chimici family, he has an unmarried son of forty-four, Prince Ferrando, who is Ferdinando's heir, and a daughter, Bianca, who is a nun. Because it appears that neither of his children will marry, the Moresco branch of the di Chimici family appears to be dying out, which concerns Duke Niccolo as he tries to consolidate the family's power in Talia.

During the Stellata of 1578, both Ferdinando and his son visit Remora as representatives of Moresco for the Twelfth of the Scorpion.[2] In City of Swords, the elderly Ferdinando does not hesitate to send a contingent of soldiers from Moresco to join the di Chimici army in defending Princess Lucia's claim to the throne of Fortezza, though his son Ferrando will be the one responsible for leading the Moresco forces[3]. Following the deaths of his cousins, Pope Lenient VI and Jacopo the Elder, Ferdinando and his cousin Jacopo of Bellona are regarded as the remaining senior di Chimici rulers in Talia[3].

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