Flavia's abusive husband
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Place of Birth

Current Residence
Classe (until his death)
Flavia, wife
Andrea, son[1]

Flavia's abusive husband is never seen in the series, only ever talked about, as he died sometime before the series began.


Flavia's husband had been a drunk and a womanizer who frequently gambled away all of Flavia's money. He had been violent to her from the beginning of her marriage and Flavia's son, Andrea, deeply despised him for how he would hurt his mother and vowed to some day become strong enough to stop him from hurting Flavia.

When Andrea was eighteen, he intended to study at the university in Bellezza to become a teacher, so Flavia hired a young woman named Anna Maria as her assistant. Andrea and Anna Maria fell in love and became engaged to marry. However, while Andrea was away in Bellezza, Flavia's husband raped Anna Maria, who became pregnant. Outraged with how Anna Maria had been dishonoured, Andrea killed Flavia's husband. Flavia attemped to cover up the murder by spiriting Andrea away and making it appear as though her husband had been killed for his money, but Andrea tried to flee with Anna Maria. When Andrea was caught by the authorities, Anna Maria drowned herself and Flavia used her powers as a Stravagante to allow her son to escape and become a pirate.

Andrea's act of murder has haunted him ever since and he resents himself for sharing the same blood as Flavia's husband, whom he believes to be his father. Years later, he learned that soon after Flavia's husband became violent to her, she had an affair with another man, the mosaic master Fausto Ventura; Andrea is revealed to be Fausto's son rather than Flavia's husband.[2]

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  • He is never mentioned by name
  1. Andrea's identity as Fausto Ventura's son was unknown to everyone but Flavia.
  2. City of Ships