The Gate People fight against the Talian Fleet in the Battle of Classe[1] and are described as fierce and dangerous enemies. Little is known about the Gate People, though they come from the east and are ruled by a king[1]. Among their technological innovations is the use of liquid fire, a fluid that cannot be put out with water if it is set on fire[2].

During the events of City of Ships, the Grand Duke of Tuschia, Fabrizio II di Chimici of Giglia, forms an alliance with the Gate People and invites them to invade Talia in order to weaken the independant city-states of Bellezza and Classe, located on the Talian coast. The eventual battle between the Gate People and Talia ends with the Talians repelling the foreigners. The alliance between the di Chimici and the Gate People quickly falls apart after the failed invasion.

They are the Talian counterpart of the Ottoman Empire[3].

Known Gate PeopleEdit

  • King of the Gate People[1]
  • Ay Adem, leader of the Gate People during the Battle of Classe
  • Ay Quana, reputed to be a fierce fighter
  • Adem Dolmay, described as having legendary skill with his galley, The Duha
  • Adem Deviz
  • Ay Mushtaree

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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