Gentile Bellini

Current Residence
Paola Bellini, wife
Silvia Bellini, daughter
Rodolfo Rossi, son-in-law
Arianna Rossi, granddaughter
Valeria Bellini, daughter
Gianfranco Gasparini, son-in-law
Tommaso Gasparini, grandson
Angelo Gasparini, grandson

Gentile Bellini is Paola's husband and Arianna's maternal grandfather. He and his wife reside on the lagoon island of Burlesca in a white house, which stands out from all the different colourful houses on the island.

Gentile is known for making delicious cakes, with many recipes that have been passed through the family for generations while others have been thought up by himself. The flavour of his cakes are apparently distinct enough that his daughter, Silvia, can recognize the taste of his cakes when Fiorentino Rossi serves some to her as a refreshment. Like other cake-makers on Burlesca, he sells his cakes to tourists or to restaurants, most notably Fiorentino's restaurant, on mainland Bellezza.[2]

He makes a brief appearance at the end of City of Swords at his granddaughter's wedding, where he mildly comments to Paola that she is biased when she declares that Arianna is "her best bride yet."

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  1. Means "grandfather", called this by Arianna Rossi
  2. City of Masks