Germano Mariano

Duke of Classe
Year of Birth
Before 1523[1]

Year of Death
(17 April) 1580
Place of Death
Current Residence
Classe at time of death
c. 1540[2]
Anna, wife
Multiple children, including at least two daughters[3]

Germano Mariano is the elected Duke of Classe, a noble and respected man who has competently served as Classe's duke for forty years. He and Classe are strong allies of Bellezza and Germano has successfully held out against the di Chimici, allowing Classe to remain an independent city-state. Upon meeting Arianna Rossi, the alliance between the two cities is further strengthened.


While Germano's rule has allowed Classe to prosper in spite of problems from pirates, he wishes to retire. However, none of his children have any political ambitions and Germano has no successor in mind, thus the Duke of Classe has frequently dismissed the idea of resigning his office until someone capable can take his place. The di Chimici had previously attempted an alliance through a marriage with one of Germano's daughters; the daughter had outright refused the offer.

In light of the looming crisis presented by the di Chimici by land and the Gate People from the east by sea, Germano rises to the occasion to protect Talia against foreign invasion. His evident concern for the safety of Talia first and foremost immediately impresses and wins the admiration of Arianna Rossi, the Duchessa of Bellezza, and her father, Rodolfo. Despite all pressures and concerns he must deal with as the Duke of Classe, he takes time to help everyone who has troubling finding their place in the world, including Filippo Nucci and Andrea.

During the Battle of Classe, he directs the land forces against the di Chimici army, and he dies in battle. Before his death, he ensures that Andrea is pardoned for his crimes out of respect for everything Andrea has done for Classe. Germano is honoured in death by the people of Classe and his friends and allies, and succeeded as the Duke of Classe by Filippo Nucci.[4]

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  1. He would have had to be older then 17 to be elected Duke
  2. If Germano had been Duke for 40 years in 1580 then he would have been elected around 1540
  3. Germano mentions having multiple children in City of Ships, he also mentions daughters in plural
  4. City of Ships