Goddess worship, also known as the "Old Religion", is one of the major religions of Talia alongside the Reman Church.


Goddess worship pre-dates the influence of the Reman Church, which syncretated elements such as the sacred trinity of the Goddess, her consort, and her son into their religion. With the spread of Christianity, the people of the Bellezzan lagoons remain among the few who still worship the goddess in the Middle Sea[1].

The Manoush are notable goddess-worshippers, and a notable number of Bellezzans residing in the city's lagoons also follow the practice. The lagooners strongly believe that the goddess watches over them and Bellezza as well, thus the city of Bellezza has always been ruled by a woman serving as their Duchessa, who is worshipped by the city's citizens as a personification of the goddess.[1] Bellezza's discomfort and unwillingness to accept a male ruler is a result of the populace's ancient belief in the goddess.[1]

Most people practice both religions, goddess worship and the Reman Church, at the same time[1][2], out of a sense of practicality. However, High ranking members of the clergy, including Pope Lenient VI, disapprove and regard Goddess worship as a pagan religion. To solidify political control through the Church, Goddess worship has been outlawed in Tuschia under Grand Duke Fabrizio di Chimici's anti-occult laws as heretical practices[3].

Manus FortunaeEdit

Hand of fortune

The hand of fortune

The manus fortunae, or "hand of fortune", is a lucky sign goddess-worshippers make. The sign is touching the thumb on the right hand to the little finger and placing the middle fingers on the brow then on the breast. The sign means "may the lady goddess, her king consort and her son aid us" and "may the circle of our life be unbroken". It signifies the unity of the figures of the goddess, her consort and her son, which forms the religion's sacred trinity[1]. Some people will wear replicas of the symbol as an amulet for protection.

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