Jacopo di Chimici
Formal Title
Prince Jacopo Falco Ferdinando di Chimici of Fortezza[1]
Jacopo the Elder
Prince of Fortezza
Chancellor of the University of Fortezza[1]
Year of Birth
Year of Death
Current Residence
Carolina, wife
Lucia di Chimici, elder daughter and heir
Bianca di Chimici, younger daughter
Ludo Vivoide, son
Alfonso of Volana, son-in-law (Bianca's husband)
Eleanora di Chimici, older sister
Beatrice di Chimici, older sister

Jacopo the Elder is the ruler of Fortezza. He has two daughters, Lucia and Bianca. Because he is five years older than his second cousin once removed, Jacopo, the Prince of Bellona, the Prince of Fortezza is known as "the Elder" to distinguish him from his cousin.[2]


Jacopo is noted as being kindhearted by Gaetano di Chimici, often giving treats to his younger relatives. He loves both his daughters a great deal, allowing them to buy whatever they wish for their upcoming weddings and is proud of their beauty, though he occasionally is saddened that he has no son for him to pass the principality onto. Because his daughter, Lucia, was so quickly widowed following her marriage, she is Jacopo's heir, and will likely rule Fortezza some day, possibly alongside her second husband should she choose to remarry.[4] Unlike his cousin Niccolo, Jacopo is satisfied with what the di Chimici had and is loved and respected by the people of Fortezza as a fine and capable ruler[1].

Perhaps the most notorious incident in Jacopo's past involves being the first to cause bloodshed between the deep-seated rivalry held by the di Chimici and the Nucci families of Giglia. When Donato Nucci failed to appear at his wedding to Eleanora di Chimici, in order to marry a younger woman from another family, the young and hotheaded Jacopo took offense because Eleanora was his older sister. Determine to avenge Eleanora's honour, Jacopo stabbed Donato Nucci in the heart and left the city; he did not return to Giglia until the weddings of his daughters, in part because his father, Falco of Fortezza, died shortly after the incident and Jacopo had become the Prince of Fortezza. Donato's death changed the rivalry between the families into a vendetta that would culminate in the Massacre at the Church of Annunciation years later.[4] For Jacopo himself, the murder of Donato is a source of deep regret, especially as he considers it to be the partial reason why Lucia lost her husband[1].

During the floods in Giglia, Jacopo worked alongside Rodolfo Rossi to bring food and shelter to people affected by the disaster. Despite his notoriety, he was well-regarded and respected for his actions by the Bellezzans and the Stravaganti for his charity and generosity. During this time, he also became acquainted with Guido Parola, who had been comforting Lucia, and thought highly of the young man. However, Jacopo's actions during City of Flowers negatively impacts his health and he falls ill from the chill he catches from the floods.[1] He dies at the beginning of City of Swords, which consequently leads to a succession crisis in Fortezza when a previously unknown son disputes Lucia's claim as her father's heir.

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