Jacopo di Chimici
Formal Title
Prince Jacopo di Chimici of Bellona
Jacopo the Younger[1]
Prince of Bellona
Year of Birth

Current Residence
Alfonso and Renata di Chimici, parents
Niccolo di Chimici, elder brother (deceased)
Pope Lenient VI, elder brother
Fabrizio of Volana, elder brother (deceased)
Clarice, wife
Filippo di Chimici, son
Francesca di Chimici, daughter

Jacopo the Younger is the youngest brother of Niccolo di Chimici and the current ruler of Bellona. The title was inherited from his cousin Carlo, who died young and without any known heirs. The Prince of Bellona is known "Jacopo the Younger" because he has the same name as his second cousin once removed, Jacopo the Elder, the Prince of Fortezza.

He and his wife Clarice have two children, Filippo and Francesca.[2] As Prince Jacopo is unlikely to die in the near future, his son and heir, Filippo, is often idle and has little to do in governing Bellona.

Following the death of Pope Lenient VI and Jacopo the Elder, Jacopo the Younger is regarded as one of few senior di Chimici rulers remaining.[3]

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  1. As he is five years younger than his second cousin once removed who bears the same name he is referred to as "the Younger"
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