Jago Jones



Current Residence
Islington, London, England
Celia Jones, mother

Jago Jones is the Barnsbury Comprehensive student, regarded as the "English Star" by Matt Wood, and Ayesha's ex-boyfriend. He and Ayesha are childhood friends and Jago's mother, Celia Jones, is a friend of Vicky Mulholland and Jan Wood. Being one year older than Ayesha, Jago also knew Lucien Mulholland when he was still attending Barnsbury, thus he recognizes Luciano when he stravagates back to England in order to help Matt save Jago.

Even though Ayesha is dating Matt, she maintains a friendly relationship with Jago and they hang out as friends. However, their relationship causes Matt to become jealous and feel insecure, believing that Ayesha is probably better suited to someone intelligent like Jago without considering his own talents. When Matt's growing relationship with the other Stravaganti strain his relationship with Ayesha, she turns to Jago, which exacerbates Matt's fears that she will leave him.

As a result, Matt places the "Evil Eye" on Jago, which results in Jago being hospitalized. Realizing the consequences of his actions, Matt is able to remove the Evil Eye with the help of his friends.[1] Though Jago completely recovered after the incident, he was so unsettled by the event that he has since avoided Matt and his friends at school and is described as looking haunted whenever he sees Matt or Ayesha in the hallway.[2]

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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