Leonora Crinamorte
Leonora Gasparini
Widow (previously)
Place of Birth

Current Residence
Unnamed husband
Gianfranco and Valeria Gasparini, brother-in-law and sister-in-law
Arianna Gasparini, niece
Gugliemo Crinamorte, second husband
Luciano Crinamorte, foster-son

Leonora is the aunt of Arianna Gasparini through her late husband, who was the brother of Gianfranco Gasparini[1].

In the City of Masks, the Gasparinis arrange for Arianna to live with Leonora, who resides in a house just off the Campo San Sulien, as a punishment for wanting to stay in Bellezza on the forbidden day after the Marriage with the Sea. Described as a respectable and stately looking woman, Leonora is welcoming and supportive of Arianna and Lucien, often accompanying them on trips around Bellezza. Though she discerns that Lucien is not an ordinary person of her world, Leonora does not care about his origins, only that she knows him to be a good person. She becomes closer to William Dethridge when he is relocated to Bellezza from Montemurato and becomes a close friend of Silvia Bellini after she steps down from her position as the Duchessa.

She eventually remarries to Dr. Dethridge and they adopt Lucien, now translated permanently to Talia, as their foster-son. She makes brief appearances in City of Stars and City of Flowers as a one of the close and trusted confidantes of the new Duchessa of Bellezza.

Leonora is briefly mentioned in City of Secrets by Dr. Dethridge, who reveals that he has been teaching her how to communicate with mirrors, and in City of Ships, when Isabel Evans relates how Arianna took her to visit Leonora during Isabel's first visit to Bellezza. Leonora also appears at the wedding of the Duchessa and Luciano, where she is seated next to Luciano's mother, Vicky Mulholland.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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