Maura O'Grady

Social worker

Current Residence
Islington, London, England
Georgia O'Grady, daughter
Ben, son (died in infancy)[1]
Unnamed ex-husband[2]
Ralph Lewis, second husband
Russell Lewis, stepson

Maura O'Grady is the mother of Georgia O'Grady and a social worker.


Maura was previously married to Georgia's father, who left her long ago shortly after Georgia's younger brother died in infancy. Several years later when Georgia was in her late teens, she married again to Ralph Lewis, and Maura became the stepmother of Ralph's son, Russell.[3] Her marriage to Ralph is happy, but is troubled by how Georgia and Russell get along badly. Though she is unaware of the extent of the problem between the children, she does not hesitate to chastise Russell when she believes he has spoken out of line, such as he suggests that Georgia's friend Nick Duke is disturbing as a result of his physical injuries.[3] Due to Russell's resentment towards Maura but being unable to directly confront her, he often becomes more verbally and emotionally abusive towards Georgia after being chastised by Maura, something both Maura and Ralph do not realize.

As a social worker, Maura is a team leader on Islington Council, specializing in children and families[4]. She generally supports Georgia's interests, such as horseback riding, and encourages her to become closer to Alice Greaves, a girl whom Georgia has recently befriended. When Russell breaks Georgia's talisman, Maura manages to fix it. When Georgia aids in Falco di Chimici's permanent translation to twenty-first century England, Maura is put in charge of Nicholas Duke's case and attempts to find clues to his actual identity while Nick resides with Vicky and David Mulholland, who agree to be Nick's foster parents. The case is unresolved, though the Mulhollands willingly accept Nick as their foster-son.

Towards the end of the novel, after Georgia returns to England after winning the Stellata for the Twelfth of the Ram, Maura and Ralph finally witness first-hand the extent of the abuse Russell as inflicted upon Georgia. They insist that Russell attend therapy sessions and apologize for not believing Georgia when she tried to tell them how hurtful Russell had been towards her.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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    [Georgia] had been a kid at the time and more concerned about whether there would be cake at tea-time and what to call the new doll Mum had given her when Ben was born.
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    Georgia would have loved a proper older brother. She had a little one once, but he died when he was only a few days old. Not long after her own dad left.
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