Messer Antonio

Governor of Padavia, blacksmith (former)

Current Residence
Giunta, wife
Four daughters

Antonio is the governor of Padavia. He is a very straight-forward, and doesn't care for flowery speech or airs. Even though he is the ruler he still lives in a modest house. Before he was a politician, he was a blacksmith.[1]


In City of Secrets, Antonio is introduced the Governor of Padavia, a practical man who places more faith in logic than superstition. As such, he does not believe in Goddess Worship and only believes in the Talian Church out of a sense of obligation. In contrast, his wife Giunta, believes strongly in the Goddess and the old ways, much to Antonio's disapproval, though he has mostly given up trying to change her. The couple have four daughters.[1] Antonio is also one of the few people who are aware that Silvia Bellini is alive and resided in Padavia under the guise of a widow until she publically married Rodolfo Rossi as his second wife.

When the di Chimici family order Antonio to turn over Luciano Crinamorte, the governor refuses because he believes the Grand Duke is wrong to accuse the young cavaliere of murder. However, he agrees to pass the anti-occult laws suggested by Cardinal Rinaldo di Chimici[1]. Antonio's determination to remove occult influences from Padavia soon drives a wedge between him and Giunta, who sympathesizes with the Manoush, wanderers who worship the Goddess and the old ways. Though the governor does not want to execute anyone, he finds himself bound by law when the thirty Manoush in the city insist on celebrating their Day of the Dead in the city and are arrested.

When the Manoush are saved from burning thanks to the efforts of the Stravaganti, Cesare Montalbano, and Arianna Rossi, Antonio realizes that his rigid perspective and personal bias towards religion wound up endangering Padavia rather than bettering it. He agrees to repeal the anti-occult laws and welcomes the Manoush back into the city.

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