Professor Constantin

Professor at Padavia University, Printer, Stravagante
Place of Birth

Current Residence
None known
English/Talian City
London, England

Constantin is professor of Rhetoric at the university in Padavia, as well as a Stravaganti. He is not native to Talia, having come to the country from another in Europa.

Constantin becomes Matt Wood's mentor and guide when Matt stravagates to Padavia and at the request of his friend Rodolfo Rossi, he promises to protect Rodolfo's protege, Luciano Crinamorte, when he begins his studies in Padavia. Luciano's friend, Cesare Montalbano, also becomes one of Constantin's students.[1] He possesses a kind and understanding demeanor, though he often despairs at how Luciano often skips class in favour of becoming involved in major upheavals in Classe and Fortezza instead.

Constantin possesses an unassuming appearance, described by Luciano as "...totally unlike any other Stravagante he had met. No one would mistake him for anything other than he was supposed to be, a middle-aged university professor, with a neat grey beard."[1] However, in addition to his work as a university professor, Constantin runs the Scriptorium at the university, where secret and illegal books are printed.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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