Romula, or the "City of Dragons"[1], is an independent principality. Its current ruler is Prince Stefano. It is the Talian equivalent of Rome.

History and OverviewEdit

Legend tells that Romula was founded by Romulus, the brother of Remus. After a great battle between the brothers to determine who would rule Talia, Remus had emerged victorious and his site, Remora, would become the founding city of their people. Romulus, who survived the battle, left and went south where he founded a city in his own name, Romula.

Romula did not adopt the anti-magic laws that the di Chimici suggested.[2]

Industry and SightsEdit

Romula's main industry is dragon-charming, as there are dragons in the hills around Romula.[1] Some Romulans claim to be descendants of the people who originally saw the dragons. The city is also very well known for the jewellery it produces. Interesting sights in the city include a mithraeum and mosaics.[1]

Notable PeopleEdit

  • Ranieri, dragon-charmer and Stravagante[1]
  • Donatello, son of Ranieri, trainee dragon-charmer
  • Donata, daughter of Ranieri, secretly using her brothers allies to be a royal knight
  • Vanessa,Royal advisor to prince Stefano Stravagante[1]

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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