Sarah Evans
Mrs. Evans

Current Residence
Islington, London, England
Tony Evans, husband
Charlie Evans, son
Isabel Evans, daughter

Sarah Evans is the wife of Tony Evans and mother of Charlie and Isabel Evans. She works for the municipal government of London, though it is unknown what she does exactly for a living.[1]

While she loves both her children equally, she and her husband unconsciously favour Charlie, in part because Isabel needed to stay in the hospital longer when she was born. She and Isabel appear to have a close relationship, though she is surprised by Isabel's growing confidence and Charlie's assertion that Isabel is stronger than she appears.[2]

During City of Swords, Sarah allows Isabel's friend Laura Reid to stay with the Evans while Laura is recovering from being hospitalized after a severe self-harming incident. Sarah is under the impression that the girls are spending most of their time studying and that Isabel is making sure that Laura isn't hurting herself; Sarah also comments to Laura's mother Ellen that it appears that Charlie has been paying attention to Laura, though Laura doesn't seem to reciprocate any more.[3]

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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    "What does her mum do?" asked Sky.
    "She works in the City, that's all I know," said Georgia.
    "So she could be anything from a secretary to Governor of the Bank of England?" said Nick.
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