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Mary Hoffman has announced there will be a sixth book, City of Swords, which will be released in 2012

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City of Ships was nominated for the Carnegie Medal


The talisman


Stravaganti are people who can travel between Talia and England using special talismans. When the experiment of Elizabethan scientist William Dethridge caused an explosion in his laboratory, he accidentally created a gateway between two worlds and found he could travel to the country of Talia. When the talismans are left in England, they always seem to find the right person, who is quickly brought to a fantastic but dangerous 16th century world.

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City of swords

The latest book in the series: City of Swords! The new book features a new Stravagante, Laura, and is set in Fortezza.

Beauty is cash – that's the Bellezzans' motto – Bellezza è moneta.

Arianna Gasparini, City of Masks


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