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Mary Hoffman has announced there will be a sixth book, City of Swords, which will be released in 2012

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City of Ships was nominated for the Carnegie Medal




Talia is a primary setting for the Stravaganza series and is a country similar to Renaissance Italy set in a parallel world in the 16th century. Under extraordinary circumstances, the protagonists of the series find the ability to travel to Talia from 21st century England. The country consists of 12 main city-states, half of which are ruled by the powerful di Chimici family while the remaining half remain independent. Talia has two major religions: the Reman Church and Goddess Worship.

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City of swords

The latest book in the series: City of Swords! The new book features a new Stravagante, Laura, and is set in Fortezza.

Beauty is cash – that's the Bellezzans' motto – Bellezza è moneta.

Arianna Gasparini, City of Masks


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