Papal crown

The Papal Crown

The Talian Church, also known as the Reman Church[1], is the official religion of Talia. The Talian Church is based in Remora and is led by Pope Lenient VI and his Cardinals.

The Talian Church is regarded as the "new religion" in Talia, in contrast to the older Goddess Worship. Much to the disapproval of the church, many Talians simultaneously worship both the Talian Church and the Goddess. Other superstitious practices, such as the arrangement of the Twelve Contrade of Remora, are also looked down upon by the Church, but are unlikely to change due to the strong rivalries that have been adopted by the Remorans for so long.

Because the Pope is a member of the di Chimici family, the power of the church is believed to be under the control of Duke Niccolo of Giglia, who is the older brother of Lenient VI. Though Lenient VI does not favour using the church for political purposes, he is aware of the fact he rose to his position through the di Chimici's family's use of blackmail and bribery. The Pope's nephew, Cardinal Rinaldo di Chimici, will be the Pope's most likely successor, rising to the position likely through similar means.

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    It made him squirm to remember how conveniently the old Pope, Augustus II, had died. But he had been an old man; Ferdinando quickly turned his thoughts away from his predecessor
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