Sections of Remora

The Twelve Contrade of Remora are the twelve districts of Remora, each named after a sign of the Zodiac, and each with its own colours. During the Stellata, each section will enter one horse and jockey for the city's famous race.

The twelve contrade hold a complex series of relationships to one another. Rivalries between each Twelfth is fierce; a member of one contrade will likely be bullied or worse (particularly during the time close to the Stellata) if one happens to wear colours opposing those of the contrade that one has entered.[1] They ally themselves with the Twelfths that aligned with the same element (the water signs are allied with one another, likewise with the fire, air, and earth signs). They are enemies with the contrade opposite to them (starting with the Crab and the Lioness and going around in pairs).

In addition, each one of the Twelfths holds allegiance to one of the twelve city-states of Talia; for example, the Twins give theirs to Remora while the Ram gives its to Bellezza.

The Twelfths[1]Edit

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