Victoria Mulholland
Vicky, Mrs. Mulholland
Violin instructor

Current Residence
Islington, London, England
David Mulholland, husband
Lucien Mulholland, son ("deceased"[1])
Nick Duke, adopted son
Graham, brother[2]
framed miniature portrait of Luciano[3]
English/Talian City

Victoria[4]"Vicky" Mulholland is Lucien Mulholland's mother and the wife of David Mulholland. Lucien is named after Vicky's favorite painter, Lucian Freud, but spelled in the French way because she and David honeymooned in Paris[4]. She is a friend of Jan Wood, the mother of Matt Wood, and Celia Jones, the mother of Jago Jones.

Vicky works as a violin instructor, teaching students both out of her home as well as teaching them out of local schools. Her students include Georgia O'Grady and a number of other students attending Barnsbury Comprehensive. After Lucien's death, she and David adopt Nick Duke, who they both come to see as another son to them. Vicky eventually learns of Talia, of Lucien's continued existence in the alternate dimension, and that Talia is the place where Nick originally came from. The revelation is difficult for her to come to terms with, particularly in City of Ships, when she begins to ask Nick, Georgia, and Isabel Evans more about the life she will never get to see her son live.

Portrait of luciano

Vicky's talisman

When Vicky learns that Lucien is marrying Arianna Rossi, she becomes determined to stravagate to Talia in order to at least see her son's wedding. Though Luciano's appearances in London upset the stability of the Mulhollands' household, it particularly strains Vicky and Nick's relationship, since Nick feels uncertain of his place in Vicky's heart. However, when Rodolfo Rossi and William Dethridge personally bring a talisman for Vicky, she makes it clear to them that Nick is as much a son to her as Lucien is, which assures Nick that he is not a mere replacement for Lucien. Vicky makes her only stravagation to Bellezza, where she becomes friends with Silvia Bellini and attends Luciano and Arianna's wedding.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  1. Lucien is dead in England but alive in Talia, a fact Vicky is aware of
  2. City of Masks
    [Lucien] was thinking about how he'd been punting on the river in Cambridge with his uncle Graham, his mother's brother.
  3. City of Swords
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