Volana is one of the twelve city-states in Talia and is known as the "City of Music." It is roughly situated where Ferrara is in Italy.[1]


Volana is one of the six city-states under the control of the di Chimici family. The duchy's current ruler is Duke Alfonso di Chimici, who inherited the title from his father, Fabrizio of Volana (the younger brother of Niccolo di Chimici), who died in 1573. The duchy has only recently been in the control of the di Chimici, since Fabrizio of Volana was the first duke to be a member of the di Chimici family.

Industries and SightsEdit

As the City of Music, Volana has a fine tradition of learning and culture and has its own university and a great Conservatorio di Musica. The court of Volana is known for its patronage of musicians.

Volana's main industries are music and violin-making. The palace in Volana has a very tall tower and deep dungeons.[1]

Notable PeopleEdit

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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